I have high output pickups can I pad the input of my Moon Phaser?

Yes - there is a small black slide switch on the PCB - just slide into the opposite position to pad the signal.


What is the difference between the Moon Phaser and Deluxe Moon Phaser?

The Moon Phaser was the original pedal that had a mono output. The Deluxe Moon Phaser came out in 2004 and has a stereo output.


What are the effects allowed by the cosmology knob (from left to right) on the Moon Phaser?

They are - Phaser 1, tremophase 1, phaser 2, tremophase 2, phaser 3, tremolo 1.


Can I change the flavour of the phaser by adjusting the black trim pot inside the pedal?

You can - but be sure to mark with a sharpey where the trimmer was originally set.


Is there a difference in the cosmology settings of the original chrome moon phaser compared to the vintage pearl powder coated moon phaser?

The sound of the units is the same - but he order of the cosmology controls are in reverse - the old unit was Tremolo, Phase 3, Tremophase 2, Phase 2, Tremophase 1, Phase 1.


What are the voltage, current requirements and polarity requirements for the Deluxe Moon Phaser?

Regulated DC 9 volts, 2.1mm plug center negative, 22ma.


What are the physical dimensions of the Deluxe Moon Phaser and how much does it weigh?

The pedal measures 118mm x 38mm x 94mm (4 5/8" x 1 1/2" x 3 5/8") and weights 367 grams


Can my Deluxe Moon Phaser run through my amps effects loop or should I run it into the front end of the amplifier?

The pedal can be run through your effect loop with the loop pad engaged. However, they were designed to be run in the front end of an amp - like all classic effects :)


Do you do one off custom builds?

No not at this stage.


Can I use a bass through my Deluxe Moon Phaser pedal?



Can I use a higher voltage to run my Deluxe Moon Phaser pedal for increased headroom?

No. Under no circumstances try running the pedals on any voltage above 9 volts DC. Doing so will damage the pedal.


Do you offer modifications (mods)?



How do I get the extended warranty for my pedal I have just purchased?

Please go to the Warranty and Registration Page on the website.


None of the questions relate to my problem or question - how do I contact you?

Please visit our Contact page.