“Grace was in all her steps,
Heav’n in her Eye, In every
gesture dignity and love”
If you’ve looked all your life
for a truly beautiful, simple
compressor – your search
is over. Grace delivers
The pure sister – offering a
gorgeous clean boost. Fair
and just, she can deliver
the gentlest of volume lifts
or when crossed, unleash
a colossal amplifier-melting
wave of gain. Lily is simply
the boost to end all boosts.
The jagged angel, who’ll
calm when you whisper the
right words in her ear. Closer
to her sister Ivy than any of
the others, she can dance
the line between silky soft
fuzz and an all consuming
tidal wave of sonic
Shy and coy, Eve’s tremolo
tone is delicate, musical
and hypnotic. Able to offer
everything from a light
pulse to a deep throb, Eve
encapsulates the idea of
a simple, super musical
sounding trem.
The passionate redhead.
She delivers smooth creamy
break up with delicious front
end clarity. When you need
an uncluttered, concise
overdrive, come and knock
on Scarlett’s door.
Sister midnight, the wild
child… the sister you’d
outwardly scorn but inwardly
covet. A high gain Metal
priestess of the first order. The
black sheep of the family,
rumored to be in league with
you know who...
Never judge a book by her
cover. This sweet, demure
sister hides, within her tiny
frame, a massive delay
(800m/s). Possibly the most
petite 800m/s delay in the
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