Do I need to charge the battery before using the pedal and how long?

Yes - please charge for 12 hours before using the pedal. You can use the pedal whilst it charges - just do not interrupt the charge cycle (disconnect from power).


Can I use my Seven Sisters pedal with my external DC power supply instead of internal rechargeable battery?

You need to have the internal battery plugged in to run from the external DC supply. 


Do the Seven Sisters need the Lithium Ion battery to still function?

Yes - you cannot use any of the Seven Sisters without the battery. If the battery dies and you need a replacement battery the unit will still work - but it won't hold a charge - so you'd have to just use the DC wall wart supply until you got a new battery.


Where can I buy a replacement battery and how much is it?

Authorised Red Witch dealers carry the replacement battery - they come in packs of 2 = $19.99


After the first charge how long will it take to fully charge the battery?

After the first charge (12 hours) the subsequent charge process will only take 4 hours.


What can I use to power my Seven Sisters?

Any regulated DC 9 volt power supply which supplies at least 120 ma per Seven Sisters pedals (Eg if using 7 of the Seven Sisters off one daisy chained power supply, the current supply has to be able to offer at least 840 ma current). The supply needs a 2.1mm plug with the center (tip) negative and the barrel positive.


Do I have to disconnect the input jack to turn off the pedal?

Yes - to stop the battery from being drained, disconnect the input jack (like any other pedal)


Can I use the Seven Sisters without the Lithium Ion Cell plugged in?



How long will the battery last?

- Lily   -  300 hours of continuous use.
- Ruby- 300 hours of continuous use.
- Ivy- 220 hours of continuous use.
- Scarlett - 120 hours of continuous use.
- Eve- 120 hours of continuous use.
- Grace- 120 hours of continuous use.
- Violet   - 24 hours of continuous use.
- Violetta - 12 hours of continuous use."


What is the status of the battery if I have my Seven Sister plugged into an external DC supply and I am playing through it?

The battery is being charged as you play.


My Seven Sisters battery status is flashing what do I do?

This indicates a battery fault. Try disconnecting the external power supply and reconnecting. If the light still contnues to flash please replace the battery. If you are unable to source a battery from your local RW dealer, please contact us at


How do I replace the battery in my Seven Sisters?

Simply unscrew the 4 screws in the baseplate. Locate the battery clip. Unclip. Clip in the new battery. Replace 4 screws. Proceed with initial 12 hour charge.


What are the voltage, current requirements and polarity requirements for the Seven Sisters?

Seven Sisters each require 9 volts DV, 110ma from a regulated DC supply with a 2.1mm plug, tip (center) negative.


What are the physical dimensions of the Seven Sisters and how much do they weigh?

90mmx 30mm x 45mm.  157 grams.


Can my Seven Sisters pedal run through my amps effects loop or should I run it into the front end of the amplifier?

They can be run through your effect loop with the loop pad engaged. However, they were designed to be run in the front end of an amp - like all classic effects :)


Do you do one off custom builds?

No not at this stage.


Can I use a bass through my Seven Sisters pedal?



Can I use a higher voltage to run my Seven Sisters pedal for increased headroom?

No. Under no circumstances try running the pedals on any voltage above 9 volts DC. Doing so will damage the pedal.


Do you offer modifications (mods)?



How do I get the extended warranty for my pedal I have just purchased?

Please go to the Warranty and Registration Page on the website.


None of the questions relate to my problem or question - how do I contact you?

Please visit our Contact page.