Synthotron Analog Synth, Samplehold, Envelope Filter Pedal


"Shifter of Shapes! Transmuter of Tone! A Synthotronic Orgy of Sound Awaits you!!


The Synthotron is bringing the psychedelic fire of analog synth sounds to your guitar.

Bathe in the glory of twin voices, amplitude modulation, envelope filtering, sample hold, as well as octave up and down.... It's a psychotropic "love in" for your axe.

Can you dig it?"

The Synthotron consists of an analog guitar synthesizer coupled with an envelop filter with sample and hold functionality.

 Larry Lalonde of Primus loved the Synthotron’s inspired mayhem! Check out the video below.



·       Dual Analog Synthesizers

·       1 Octave up, 2 Octave Up, 1 Octave Down

·       Sample hold

·       Envelope filter

·       Analog Synth Mayhem

·       Independent synth and filter – use separately or simultaneously

·       True bypass switching

·       DC 9volt wall wart (supplied)



Current draw: 115ma (wallwart only)

Weight: 369 grams

Dimensions: 118mm x 38mm x 94mm


"One of the most all-in-one synth solutions on the market today, the Red Witch Synthotron offers a feature that not many pedals have ever offered: a sample-and-hold filter." 

(Tone Report Weekly, September 2014)