All electronics carry a lifetime warranty providing the owner purchases the pedal new and retains proof of purchase.

All switches, jacks, potentiometers and other mechanical parts are warranted for one year after the date of purchase or for 4 years if the pedal is registered online. This is non-transferable.

All external fixtures, finish, lettering and knobs are not warranted. Damage or failure of product due to misuse will void the warranty.

All repairs must be made by Red Witch authorized repair agents only.

No user serviceable parts inside.

Unauthorized repair/modification will render warranty void. In the unlikely event that she has a problem let us fix her. 



If your pedal is in need of love please send us an email with the following information:

1) The unit's serial number.

2) The location you purchased it from.

3) The date you purchased it.

4) A detailed description of the fault.

5) A short video clip of the pedal faulting - ensuring that you have only the faulty pedal in the signal chain (guitar + good guitar lead + pedal + good guitar lead + amplifier)  powered by either a fresh 9 volt battery or a fully functioning power supply.

Please send this information to: